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Kacang Pool / Foul /Tolo

The mysterious Kacang Pool, or Medammas Foul by Kimball or kacang parang or kacang tolo. First, is kacang pool the same with kacang tolo for the Johorian Java?

I'm a Johorian yet I've never eaten the famous kacang pool, at least, it is famous to a few of my friends who are not Johorian. They insist that as a special dish from Singapore and Johor that I must know about. Well... u tell me. So recently, my adamant friend brought me to Tirai Ratos, Section 3 Shah Alam to try kacang pool. Sadly, she discovered that the dish is too spicy (more like bariyani spices), too much minced meat, lacking of the kacang pool itself. The bread was thick and delicious though. I'd have to admit that she succeeded in arousing my curiosity, enough to make me want to research and experiment on the recipes.

There are a few online recipes. First is gathered from a Planta recipe book. The website is beautifully decorate with artistic photos. You should try to go to this site http://www.azlitamasammanis.com. However, I doubt the big portion of onion and garlic and meat being suggested here, meaning I'd surely reduce them. As what I've tasted recently, the serving was more like a spaghetti sauce!! However I'd like to use the spices here, coz ketumbar and jintan are the spices for satay as well. Compared to the second recipe which suggested curry powder...I think the ketumbar-jintan will enhance the flavour of meat and kacang pool without being too strong like curry powder.

Enough said, let me quote my 2 resources:

Based on the 2, I come up with my style of kacang pool

150 g black eyed nut/ kacang tolo jawa cakap, soaked overnight or minimum 4 hours, boil till soft... could take 2 hours. I used pressure cooker, 30 min on high meat setting, 1 portion of nut: 3 portion of water. 
500 gm mince meat
2 big onion
4 cloves garlic
1/2 tsp jintan manis - di goreng tampa minyak dan dikisar
1 tsp jintan putih - di goreng tampa minyak dan dikisar
1 tsp ketumbar - di goreng tampa minyak dan dikisar
1 tsp finely chopped ginger root 

1. heat oil, saute onion and garlic
2. add mince meat and spices and ginger, lastly salt to taste
3. on small flame, the meat lets out its juice..cooking the meat in about 5 minutes, but if the flame is too strong, the juice evaporates too fast to cook the meat. In this case, add a little bit of water. 
4. add kacang tolo, taste for the salt again

Resepi : Pak Haji
Rujukan : Buku Planta Resepiku Warisanku

1 tin kacang pool - kacang parang dalam tin Medammas Foul kimball
1 kg daging - dikisar
1 kg bawang merah - dikisar
2 labu bawang putih
1 sudu teh jintan manis - di goreng tampa minyak dan dikisar
1 sudu kecil jintan putih - di goreng tampa minyak dan dikisar
1 sudu kecil ketumbar - di goreng tampa minyak dan dikisar
1 inc halia - dikisar
1 cawan air
Sedikit minyak atau planta untuk menumis
garam dan gula secukup rasa

Tumiskan bahan yang dikisar hingga naik bau
Masukkan daging dan kacau hingga masak dan empuk
Bila daging dah empuk, masukkan semua kacang pool
Tambahkan sedikit air dan masak hingga kuah sedikit pekat.
Rasakan garam dan gula secukup rasa

Bahan Dimakan Bersama
Lada hijau - dihiris
Bawang besar - di hiris dadu
Roti - di bakar dengan sedikit planta
Telur mata lembu
Limau nipis

Second recipe
Bahan-bahan :
- 1 tin kacang panggang dalam tin
- 400gm daging kisar = 2 keping daging burger
- 2 sudu minyak sapi atau butter
- 1 sudu serbuk kari daging
- 1 biji bawang holland (dipotong dadu)
- 2 ulas bawang putih (dicincang)
- garam, gula dan air secukupnye

Bahan hiasan :
- 1 batang cili merah atau hijau
- daun sup hiris
- telur mata separuh masak

Cara-cara :
- hancurkan kacang panggang yang telah dibuang air
- panaskan minyak sapi atau butter hingga cair
- tumis bawang holland dan bawang putih sehingga naik bau
- masukkan rempah kari dan kacau
- gaulkan bersama daging kisar dan kacau sehingga daging masak
- masukkan kacang panggang bersama garam dan gula
- masukkan air secukupnya jikalau nak berkuah lebihkan air
- tunggu sehingga masak
- seterusnya, pecahkan telur dan masak telur sehingga menjadi separuh masak

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