Thursday, November 21, 2013

P! Wimax

Below is taken from my friend's FB wall. RuzanaSaad. This is true experience, and I pray for justice to be served. In the meantime, we have to be cautioned, the proof of termination is very important, and could save us from misery like this. Who would expect the ghost of P1Wimax could resurrect after 2 years...

Am heavily disturbed...disgusted n frustrated with P1 wimax. Subscribed P1 wimax broadband in 2010 n terminated the service after a year for some dissatisfations I had. Paid every bill on time n of course no overdue payment. Last year...2012...I was shocked to be informed that I hv an unsettled bill amounting rm1200++....n that the service was terminated by them n not terminated upon my own request....the one I did in 2010. I fought with this issue twice...explained everything to them but they refused to investigate n the burden of doing the investigation was solely given to me n I need to come up with evidence. They didnt bother to contact me again. Today...I received sms telling my name has been listed in CTOS. What justice did P1 wimax do to me...? I can use that rm1200++ to renew my car insurance...but that amount will be given to the irresponsible P1 wimax for the most unacceptable reason...
*Mmg la sy x akan halalkan...but do they care about halal haram rezeki mereka?*

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