Saturday, October 18, 2014

Swimming Pool at Bukit Beruntung Golf Club,

This is definitely not a tourist attraction spot, hahaha. Coz the place looks run down. The paint, the plants, the furniture... they need care.

But it is an awesome place to feel like you own a private pool. There were not many people there, considering that it was a weekend (saturday). At most, there were only another 15 strangers and there were times when it was only our family. The swimming pool is large, and water is clean. The way my husband grades a pool is by looking at the clarity of the water from one end to another end. He is satisfied when he can see the bottom at the far end of the swimming pool. My sons have their own evaluation system, by the taste and smell of chlorine--pass, by the after feel of their skin, not itchy or feel tight-- pass, by the eye drop test-- pass. My daughter, who is 11, is happy to discover that the depth is just nice for her to stand in the pool. We might come back for more.

The changing room is slightly smelly, but bearable. 

Operating hours; 7:30 am-7:30 pm
Fees: Non members, adult RM15, children below 12 RM 10
Dress code: rather leniently implemented
Should be no outside food, but they didn't check our bag!! Duh, we would have brought in chocolates, haha! So we bought hot drinks and some tidbits while enjoying our swim. The price is reasonable (unlike Sunway Lagoon, years ago that one bodo burger for RM8 is extremely ridiculous. might be more expensive now)

The bowling area is closed! Sorry guys, it is only a year lapse from the last visit by Si Ketam Batu

There are many restaurants and bakeries nearby, within 5-10 min drive. After the swim, we went to the most expensive looking thai restaurant... Sukho Thai. Great food, RM135 for 5-6 ppl, set D. The taste is excellent. I'd love to come here again, even if it is just for the food.