Saturday, September 26, 2015

Little Jakarta

Sad, but true. There are so many illegal indonesian workers in Shah Alam. Many come as "tourist" yet they come with all the intention to stay here, work here. Reunited with husband and family members here.

A few months ago, I met with a newly arrived Indonesian who was working as a cleaner. She was warm and talkative, told me about her journey to Malaysia. I persuaded her to apply for a working visa/permit while there was still time to do so. Indonesian tourist may apply for a working permit within 30 days in this country. Gleefully, she explained how she cheated the system... The working permit (plus payment to the agent) costs RM4000. If she pays a fine of RM500 for an average of every 3-4 months being caught, she could still save RM2000- RM2500 a year. I was gaping at the idea! So here was a lady who was well aware of the threat being caught by the police for working illegally, who has had a chance to make it legal...yet smiling, after doing the calculation, judging the best, most profitable action was to pay fine not pay to "the government". I rest my case.

The number of illegals is so big that it will be difficult for the government to detain them, I reckon. Not in Shah Alam, especially, Padang Jawa. I cant help but to be irked by the surrounding... Shah Alam is turning into little Jakarta.

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