Saturday, January 29, 2011

De Rhu Beach Resort, Kuantan

We went for a short vacation at the end of 2010. De Rhu Beach Resort, Kuantan. Seems like wrong timing. Wet weather, spoils the main attraction there; beach and swimming pool. Well, not only that, the pool was at the stage of "we've warned use it at your own risk!". See for yourself the red-and-white line that gave "crime scene area" look. So, we spent time in the spacious room instead- luckily, it is comfortable. No pics for the room, as I believe it is almost similar with their ads, just refer their website.
This was the second time we went there, the first was like 2 years back and we did enjoy the wide and clean pool. A lesson for my next visit, to any resorts is that I should have asked this question "Are you having any kind of renovation at the moment?".

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