Monday, March 7, 2011

Checklist before sending my Indonesian maid back

After 2 years with us, my Indonesian maid will go back to Bandung next Friday, 18th March 2011. Frankly, I have mixed feelings about that.
Relief- At last, this contract is over in "good" terms. I'm not looking for a replacement just yet, well, if the indonesian govt is making this procedure difficult so that the desperate malaysian employers will agree with all their demands, I guess, I just wanna wait and see....
Anxious and uncertain- Can we manage without a maid? For how long?

Anyway, I still have a few more days with her and these are the things I plan to do/ have to be done:

1. The things in my house must be in the place where they used to be/ should be, as how it was when she entered my house 2 years back. Why? This maid likes to put things at places where only she knows where it is. So much so I find it difficult to cook in my own kitchen coz I can't find the utensils where I used to keep. After 3 months of desperately trying to train her, I gave up. Well, I thought to myself, "as long as she can prepare our meals on time, I don't have to worry where she puts my knife".
There's a lot to this. Let's start with:
childrens' wardrobe
my wardrobe
childrens' study room
my recipe books and magazines- she borrowed
the storeroom

2. Immigration, ticket and all formalities needed

3. Arrange for school transits, survey and select nursery with transportation. Check the fees.

4. Food. Have to plan for easy yet nutritious meal and prepare contact numbers for emergencies. Survey for suitable restaurants.

5. Housekeeping. I need to investigate among my friends who always use the office cleaners' service during the weekends. Initially, I'd need them to clean the house windows, fans, bathrooms etc..whatever.

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