Friday, April 22, 2011

1 month living without maid

Surprisingly, not bad at all! I have to admit that the first week was a bit chaotic because of the forgetful me. The first day, I forgot Maya's school shoes. I put her in a neighbour's house for transit, I sent everything in the check list( baju kurung, kain sekolah, tudung, serkup, setokin, seluar kecik, bag sekolah, botol air) but the shoes was outside the house and I thought I'd just grab them on my way out, but then... what to do...things like this happens especially if ...I had to carry my handbag, my laptop bag, her school bag, her uniforms (in a bag too) and on top of that I have to lock the house-- main door, back door, grille, gate, ! Which I didn't have to if there were a maid.

But as I've said earlier, it was difficult on the first week only. I'm still the forgetful me... but I've trained Maya to take responsibility of her own things. I make it clear to Maya that I'm just the porter and the driver though of course I'd quietly check her things. As the baby in the family, and grew up having maids at her command, Maya takes 2-3 weeks to adjust herself. By the third week, when asked " how do you feel about not having a maid in the house" she answered, "ok, best gak, nobody moves my things and mixes them with Azizi's." That, for me, is one great success.

In the next posting, I'll share my tricks on the route to independence, freedom from living with a maid.

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