Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Year Without Indonesian Maid

A big sigh... Aaahhhh has it really been a year? Not too bad, but I started feeling exhausted with the housework. So, I offered "part time cleaning job" to a young staff in my work place, and surprisingly she accepts it!!! She's a Malaysian...Wow!~ Could I really be independent from Indonesians?

This girl has come to my house twice, so far so good. She's a bit detailed in doing her work, thus, taking more time than usual, but I like her. Especially because the convenience, she has a car, so I don't have to fetch and send her back when she's done with the cleaning and ironing.

If there are anyone from Shah Alam who needs her service, she is still available on other days besides Wednesday and Sunday. I can introduce her FOC. :)

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