Friday, June 8, 2012

Darussyifa' Bangi

I sense queer feelings, suspicions towards paranormal influence... something is not right about "her", a close relative. True enough, when she opens up, she told me about weird incidence among others is continuous nightmare. So in my attempt to help her, I search for the information on Darussyifa' Bangi. This is the website  Dato' Dr Harun Din is the founder and can be met only on Tuesdays. According to feedbacks from Malaysian forumers, one would have to be there in Bangi as early as 3 am in the morning if really wish to see THE MAN himself. I have great respect for him because of his gentleman manner that is parallel to the muslim man identity. Otherwise, one can also seek help from his disciples. Others who have experienced getting their help expressed their mutual satisfaction either being treated by the master or the disciples.

Should I go as far as Bangi to get help? Maybe no because there are nearby branches of Darussyifa'. That, also depends on the willingness of "the patient". Sometimes, in cases of mysterious illness, it is the patient who often gives excuses so as not to be treated.

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