Monday, January 28, 2013


Recently I read about people suggestion to use NVivo which is helpful in writing literature review. I bought NVivo a year ago but have not fully utilised it since I have not come to that analysing stage. I thought it is good only for analysing data.

However, my writing today is simply to share good feelings of Statwork's after sales service (the company that distribute NVivo). I can't start my new project in my new Zenbook. I googled for Statworks contact number and within seconds I manage to get the office number. I called them 10 minutes after lunch time but was pleasantly greeted by the staff who gave me Kumar's handphone number. Kumar is one of their staff too, who are always on the go. Okay, so I called Kumar who reassure me of help is on the way if only I could email him my problem. So you see, it is not that I've solved the problem, but I'm happy with Statwork's team who answers call promptly and even share handphone number, and their friendly acceptance. As for that, I'm satisfied and do hope that immidiate help will come to me as soon as I emailed Kumar my problem.

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