Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The rate of daily maid / cleaner

It is common for the working housewives in Malaysia to hire daily cleaner to do house chores during weekends. I don't have anything against this, in fact I am one of them. The only reservation that I have in mind is the rate that they are charging us.In 2012, the "standard rate" is RM 10 per hour for urban areas like Shah Alam, PJ and Subang. Do you know that the undergraduates who are doing part time jobs in the university are only paid RM 4 per hour? Comparing their wage like this is ridiculous, but ok, I accept this  because the argument is that house chores are physically demanding, and not everybody wants to do the dirty job. Later, by the middle of 2013, the "standard rate" is RM50 for every visit of 4-5 hours, which depends on the efficiency of the maid. The argument is that, if the maid is more efficient than the others, she deserves to leave the premise earlier than the rest. Now, by the end of 2013, the rate is approaching RM15 per hour! The reason being some mak Datins are paying at that rate as a sign of appreciation,... that rate plus plus other gifts like the preloved clothes, food and duit raya.

I'd say Whhoooo HA! This has to stop. Just because we, the working housewives, have the money, don't mean that we have to shower it on them. The usual salary for a cleaner is RM 700- 800 per month. From that amount, they have to pay for their work permit (RM300), transport (RM100), house rent (RM100). It is understood that they gain more by doing the part time with us, but there has to be a limit to that demands. Haish, but kebanyakan melayu mmg mudah bertolak ansur agaknya. Atau perlu persatuan working moms?... just a point to ponder..

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